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Say hello to Nomad’s new 65W USB-C power adapter with a built-in Apple Watch fast charger

2024 July 9
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A lot of the time when I pack for traveling, I remember an extra charger for my iPhone or MacBook Pro, but one thing I always seem to realize I’ve forgotten by the end of the day when batteries run low is an Apple Watch charger.

Well, our friends at Nomad want to end this inconvenience, and they’re doing it with the release of a new product they call the 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition.

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Yes that was a bit of a mouthful, but the 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition seems to be a very compact device with practical uses, and it’s going to be perfect for travelers like me who need a quick and no-nonsense way to boost their Apple Watch battery in their hotel room after a day out.

According to Nomad, the 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition harnesses GaN technology to achieve its compact form factor. With its two USB-C ports and Nomad’s proprietary ProCharge Power Philosophy, maximum power is intelligently directed either port when being used by itself, or when both are being used, 45W to the top port and 20W to the bottom port.

Nomad's 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition without the Apple Watch on it.

In addition to these ports, which can easily power up an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, or AirPods Pro, there is an Apple Watch fast charger integrated into the top of the charger body so that you can rest your Apple Watch there and see it charge up.

Another thing I love? Flip-out prongs. This is such a thoughtful feature that goes a long way in making power adapters like this one bag-friendly because you won’t have metal prongs contacting your other sensitive electronics and scuffing them up. The Nomad 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition has this!

I agree with Nomad CEO Noah Dentzel when he calls the 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition “simply the best AC adapter on the market if you use Apple Watch,” and it’s also worth noting that it works with all generations of Apple Watches & Apple Watch Ultras.

Obviously, you can only use the 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition to charge your Apple Watch when it’s oriented in a vertical position, since gravity keeps the Apple Watch in place on its centering magnet. For power outlets that are mounted sideways in a wall, or floor-based power strips, this won’t work as smoothly.

If you’re ready to add this commonsense accessory to your travel bag, then you can pick it up from Nomad’s website for $100 and be 100% sure that you have all your electronic devices covered as their batteries start to drain.

Are you going to be buying a Nomad 65W AC Power Adapter Apple Watch Edition? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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