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Apple stock hits new record high on Apple Intelligence-driven iPhone upgrade cycle forecast

2024 June 12
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Apple Intelligence capabilities will drive a major AI upgrade cycle for Apple’s iPhone business, two Wall Street analysts said Wednesday. Apple stock surged to a new record high on the news.

Patrick Seitz for Investor’s Business Daily:

“AI functionality is likely to drive a multiyear upgrade cycle” for iPhones, BofA Securities analyst Wamsi Mohan said in a client note. He added that Wall Street’s current consensus estimates for iPhone sales are too low for the next two years.

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives concurred. He said Apple’s AI push “will catalyze a long-awaited super cycle” for iPhone sales.

Ives estimates that 270 million iPhones out of the 1.5 billion worldwide installed base have not been upgraded in more than four years.

With the move higher, Apple overtook Microsoft (MSFT) as the world’s most valuable company.

Apple shares have been on a tear since the company outlined its AI strategy, called Apple Intelligence, at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.


Mr. Market loves Apple’s AI messaging!

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How to change the color of your app icons in iOS 18

2024 June 12
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Learn how to customize your iPhone and iPad Home Screen by changing the color and aesthetic of your app icons.

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 allow you to radically transform the appearance of app icons on your Home Screen and App Library. You can make the normal app icons darker or wash out the original colors and superimpose a chosen tint. You can even use the dominant color of your wallpaper and add that to all the app icons!

In addition to reducing eye strain in dark environments, these new app customizations are also a delight for those who want to give their Home Screen a distinct look like no other.

As of now, both iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 are in developer beta mode. But you can easily install them on your iPhone or iPad for free without a developer account.

Customize the color of app icons on iPhone and iPad

1) Touch and hold an empty spot on your Home Screen until all apps start jiggling. You can also touch and hold an app icon and choose Edit Home Screen.

2) Tap the Edit button from the upper left corner of the screen and choose Customize.

3) A dock-like pane will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Customize Home Screen app icons in iOS 18

From here, you can do one of the following:

Light: This will keep all your app icons and widgets in their normal appearance, irrespective of whether your device is in Dark Mode or Light Mode.

Dark: If you select this option, supported app icons and widgets will get a dark appearance. Note that not all apps honor this yet, as evident from the screenshot below. Developers have the option to support a dark look for their app’s icon.

Dark app icons in iOS 18

Automatic: Select this option if you want app icons and widgets to change to Dark and Light Modes, depending on which mode your iPhone or iPad is in.

Tinted: If you want to remove all pop colors, tap Tinted and drag the sliders to add a desired color to all your app icons. The top slider allows you to pick a tint, while the bottom one is for adjusting its intensity. If you drag the bottom slider all the way to the left, it will make your app icons black & white.

Tinted and black and white Home Screen app icons iPhone

In addition to selecting a color from the slider, you can tap the color picker tool and then drag it over one of the spots on your wallpaper to match the app icons to that color.

Furthermore, you can tap the sun icon and settle for a dark or light appearance. This is available in both Dark and Tinted styles.

Note that the Tinted look may remove some visual clues from your app icons and widgets. For instance, all colored stars (representing the color of your calendars) in the Calendar widget appear white in Tinted mode.

Visual icons lose their look in Tinted style in iPadOS 18

Tinted may also make the text barely legible, as evidenced by my bank app’s widget.

Text inside widgets not legible in Tinted look

Do you like this change in iOS 18? Which option are you going to use the most? As of now, it’s Automatic for me. But I can totally see people who use their devices late at night settle for a red-tinted look.

New this year: Continuity and Screen Sharing to play major roles in macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, & iOS 18 updates

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 06/12/2024

2024 June 12
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HashCloud Drive: Cloud Storage , Up Slide Down , Color Sort 'em and more

HashCloud Drive: Cloud Storage ( $99.99 → Free ) Miosga Software UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) HashCloud Drive: Cloud Storage is the ultimate file sharing cloud storage service for all your projects. Simply come up with a new hashtag and share it with others so they can access, upload, and download files. It’s a great way to manage, store, and exchange files safely and securely with family, friends, and coworkers.

Up Slide Down ( $0.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. Up Slide Down provides the perfect distraction in moments of downtime. It features a collection of nine different sliding puzzles, each with a different theme. The general objective is to slide the tiles into the proper order as quickly as possible. You’re able to preview the required order of the tiles at any time, and monitor the number of moves and time taken at the top of the screen.

Color Sort 'em ( $2.99 → Free ) Gino Guerra Color Sort ‘em is challenging puzzler that will have you tapping and sorting until your fingers tire. Choose from a variety of level packs varying in difficulty. The game starts out slow and easy but quickly ramps up as you progress through the levels.

Tizi Town: Doll Dress Up Games ( $1.99 → Free ) IDZ Digital Private Limited Tizi Town is a doll dress up and makeup game where your little one can show off their fashion skills to create avatars and characters. Choose from a variety of facial shapes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, hairstyles, and much more. There are oodles of dresses, costumes, and accessories to pick from. Your little one can let their imagination and creativity run wild in this fun children’s app.

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iOS 18 forces me to ditch my AirPods and buy the second-generation AirPods Pro

2024 June 12
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iOS 18 brings computational audio improvements across calling, gaming, recording, etc. but they only work on the second-generation AirPods Pro.

Little boy sitting on a couch, wearing AirPods Max headphones

Installing iOS 18, iPadOS 18 or macOS Sequoia on your iPhone, iPad or Mac will update the AirPods software with new computational audio features based on machine learning, announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

With Siri Interactions, you interact with Siri requests hands-free by tilting your head. Voice Isolation removes noise for the listener. Personalized Spatial Audio delivers immersive audio while gaming, and you’ll also enjoy improved voice quality.

Siri Interactions, Voice Isolation and improved voice quality require Apple’s enhanced H2 headphone chip in the second-generation AirPods Pro (2023).

Older AirPods, including the first-generation AirPods Pro from 2022, only support Personalized Spatial Audio in games. The above features will be available when iOS 18 and other Apple OS updates launch this fall.

Voice and hands-free Siri interactions

iOS 18 brings Siri Interactions for alerts on the second-generation AirPods Pro. I can simply nod yes to accept an incoming call or interact with a notification. Conversely, I move my head left and right in a “no” gesture to decline a call.
The feature was designed to let you privately respond to Siri notifications in quiet places where it may not be socially acceptable to use your voice, like libraries and crowded places like gyms and shops. This feature may work great in situations requiring hands-free control, like commuting or waiting in long lines. Siri Interactions require the Apple H2 chip.

Clearer call quality, better audio recordings

iOS 18 enhances call quality on the second-generation AirPods Pro with 16-bit, 48kHz audio. The H2 chip in each earbud supports the 5GHz wireless band to increase data throughput, improving audio. You can already enjoy lossless audio from Vision Pro on your AirPods Pro at 20 bits and 48 kilohertz. With iOS 18, the latest AirPods Pro can record audio at 16-bits at 48 kilohertz.
Second-generation AirPods Pro set against a light green gradient backgroundThe other side will hear your voice clearer on FaceTime calls. Your voice will also sound better in other situations, like chatting with teammates and other players while gaming. And, of course, audio recordings made in apps like Voice Notes benefit from clearer audio. This feature requires the Apple H2 chip.

Voice Isolation removes noise for the listener

The Voice Isolation computational audio feature you’ve come to love on the iPhone, iPad and Mac has come to AirPods. The H2 chip in the second-generation AirPods Pro works with the main processor in the paired device to remove background noise.
AirPods Pro Voice Isolation.This ensures the other side can hear your voice well in loud environments. Computational audio strips away noise in your surroundings from car honks, wind around you and the like. This makes your voice sound more clear. Voice Isolation requires the Apple H2 chip.

Immersive spatial audio while gaming

So far, spatial audio has been available on Apple Music, Apple TV+ and other sources that use multi-channel audio formats such as Dolby Atmos. The feature uses computational audio, filters and effects to fool your brain into believing the sound is coming from all around you.
AirPods Max, the original AirPods and the first AirPods Pro laid flat on an orange tableYou can also create a personal profile for spatial audio that fine-tunes audio to the unique shape of your ear. This is called Personalized Spatial Audio. Well, iOS 18 brings this feature to gaming, and it works with the third-generation AirPods, first and second-generation AirPods Pro, and even AirPods Max.

However, developers must use Apple’s new Personalized Spatial Audio API to bring immersive audio to their titles. Need for Speed Mobile from Tencent Games and EA will be among the first titles to support personalized spatial audio this fall. Other confirmed titles include the mobile Call of Duty series and PUBG mobile.

Lower audio latency in Game Mode

Gaming with AirPods gets another boost in iOS 18 with Game Mode. Like the Mac, Game Mode on the iPhone and iPad optimizes system settings when gaming for smoother action and better responsiveness.
Game Mode enables message on iPhoneWith it turned on, Bluetooth lag is reduced, so there’s less disconnect between onscreen action and what you hear. Apple has said that iOS 18’s Game Mode brings the best wireless audio latency Apple has ever delivered for mobile gaming.

Installing beta firmware on your AirPods

Before installing a beta firmware on your AirPods Pro, you must toggle the Developer Mode switch in Settings > Privacy & Security on your device, restart it, and enroll your AirPods in Settings > Developer > Pre – Release Beta Firmware.

iOS will update the software on your AirPods Pro at its own pace. I suggest leaving your paired AirPods Pro in their charging case overnight to trigger an update, though it may take up to 24 hours to receive it.

The current AirPods software carries a version number of 6F7. After installing the beta, your version number should be 7A5220e. You can check your AirPods software version in Settings > Bluetooth, then hit the ⓘ (Info) button next to the name of your AirPods and scroll down to the About section.

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watchOS 11 system requirements: Legacy Apple Watch models no longer compatible

2024 June 12
by RSS Feed

Compared with its predecessor, Apple’s latest watchOS 11 software update marks the end of the road for a trio of legacy Apple Watch models.

Apple previewed watchOS 11 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024. The operating system brings refinements for fitness buffs, the new Vitals app, and more. watchOS 11 will be publicly available in the fall. If you plan on installing the update, check if your Apple Watch model can run watchOS 11.

watchOS 11 system requirements: Is your Apple Watch compatible?

Compared with watchOS 10, watchOS 11 has dropped support for three older Apple Watch models. Both Series 4 from 2018 and Series 5 from 2019 are unsupported.

watchOS 11 also marks the end of the line for the first-generation Apple Watch SE from 2020. If you have one of those watches, you’ll have to buy a compatible model to use the watchOS 11 software.

watchOS 11 device compatibility list:

  • Apple Watch SE 2 (2022)
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (2020)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 (2021)
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (2022)
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (2023)
  • Apple Watch Ultra (2022)
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2 (2023)

To download, install and use watchOS 11, you must pair an iPhone Xs or later with iOS 18 or later with your watch. watchOS 11 does not include Apple Intelligence, a set of AI-powered features that are only available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The watchOS 11 Public Beta will arrive in July

The watchOS 11 Developer Beta is available to all members of the Apple Developer Program at Everyone else can try out the new watchOS 11 features before launch when the watchOS 11 Public Beta drops in July.

Those interested will need to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program at with their Apple ID and enroll their device, which will turn on beta updates in Software Update.

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