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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/02/2023

2023 December 2
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AR Planes: Airplane Tracker , Resize Picture , Dumbell: Health and Fitness and more


Dumbell: Health and Fitness ( $2.99 → Free ) Samuel Lupton Dumbell lets you create personalized workouts that meet your individual fitness goals. Choose from 1,300 carefully crafted workouts. You’re able to edit repetitions and the time you wish you to spend on each workout. There are short videos to show you exactly what muscle group and area you’ll be focusing on.

AR Planes: Airplane Tracker ( $37.99 → Free ) Flight Tracker LLC AR Planes lets you see the planes flying around you. Point your device to the sky and tap on a plane to see the airline, origin, and destination. You’re able to see the plane’s flight plan and full route. It’s both educational and fun.

Resize Picture ( $0.99 → Free ) Le Giang Nam Resizer is a powerful app that lets you quickly resize and compress multiple photos at once. You’re able to rotate, flip, and crop photos right from the app. It allows you to print multiple photos to actual size, saving you both time and paper. You can also convert your photos to compatible formats such as JPEG, PNG, and HEIC and share to any device.

10 Solitaire: Win Real Cash ( $0.99 → Free ) DNR Game Studio 10 Solitaire is a quick version of Solitaire that you can pick up and play no matter where you are. It’s a fun way to pass time. Each game lasts a minute and thirty seconds.

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Washington D.C. police commander: AirTag your $2,000 Canada Goose jacket to deter thieves

2023 December 2
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Apple’s AirTag

Last winter, George Washington University sent out an alert about a string of Canada Goose jacket thefts and robberies that are continuing to plague the area.


“It is something I have to think about, just putting my jacket on,” American University student Meera Hajarnis said. That’s because she was wearing a Canada Goose jacket, which has become a target for thieves.

“I know [George Washington University], Georgetown, same issue where a lot of people are just stealing these jackets out of locker rooms, classrooms,” Hajarnis said.

In at least one instance, they’re stealing them at gunpoint too.

Police said three suspects hopped out of a car, pointed guns, and demanded a victim’s Canada Goose jacket just a few blocks from Dupont Circle on Tuesday night.

Thursday, FOX 5 asked D.C. police if they had any advice.

“AirTags,” said Commander Sylvan Altieri. “I’ve seen people use them on tool kits, suitcases, I think that’s probably the best thing you can do as far as if it gets taken, because it’s a nice way to track it.”

You know what really deters thieves? The threat of arrest and harsh penalties for theft. Duh. And, yes, are awesome.

. Thank you!


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Vizme, D-ID: AI Video Generator, SpaceHey, and other apps to check out this weekend

2023 December 2
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It’s the weekend people, and you know what that means! It’s time for another Apps of the Week roundup! This week we have some great selections for you including a P2P mobile payment app with…sass, an AI video generator, and a new, retro social network. And as always, we’ve picked a great game for you to check out.


Sometimes I come across an app so…unique, that I just don’t know what to make of it, so I serve it up to the people and let them decide. This is one of those apps. Meet Vizme, a P2P payment app that lets you send and receive money to/from your family and friends. What sets it apart from the [many] other players in this space? A sprinkle of sass. Seriously, it says that in the app description. Along with your payment, you can send emojis, gifs and other fun reactions to liven up the money exchange. That’s because with Vizme, it’s about making memories, not just payments. Yeah, it says that in the app description too. Ok, so I’m not 100% sure you should give these people your banking information but uh…maybe it will catch on some day?

Download for free

D-ID: AI Video Generator

It may not seem like it, but I try to be really selective when it comes to featuring Ai apps on here. If it makes the list, I believe it’s useful, original, or at least somewhat interesting. D-ID, despite its awful name, fits in the latter bucket. It’s actually an AI video generator, that allows you to create videos from a single image quickly. It’s actually pretty wild: upon opening the app you choose an avatar character, an audio clip of a voice you like, type in what you want it to say, and D-ID does the rest. As you’d expect, you are quickly prompted to move to the Pro plan, but you do get a 15-day free trial if you want to check it out. I think this could be a fun app to mess around in, and it moves the needle just a little further in the direction of: shi*ts about to start getting really weird.

Download for free

SpaceHey Mobile

Now HERE’s an app I can really get behind. SpaceHey is a retro social network, with a design that harkens back to the good ole MySpace days, when social networks were bubbly and fun, instead of dark, depressing hellscapes. Seriously, SpaceHey thought of everything here with bulletins, blogs, forums, IMs, and more. You can even customize your profile with custom layouts featuring HTML and CSS code—MIDI files and 8-bit graphics, here I come. There are no algorithms, no tracking, and no personalized ads, and your feeds are in chronological order, free from suggested content. I know it’s nearly impossible for stuff like this to gain traction nowadays, but the team does say it’s closing in on 1 million users. Cool!

Download for free

Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal

In this latest mobile addition to the Hitman franchise, you play [duh] Agent 47, a trained killer caught in the crosshairs of a rival agency, “The Franchise.” You must embark on a daring mission to take out the shadow conspiracy’s lethal architects, and employ every tool at your disposal to get the job done while keeping a low profile. If you’ve never played a Hitman game, it’s very stealth-action-y. Agent 47 favors disguises, ingenuity, and improvisation over bull rushing with guns blazing. Typically, the cleaner the hit, the better the payoff. This a full-blown game worthy of a console, and it has a full-blown price tag of $15. I don’t usually like featuring paid games on here, as I want as many people to get to try them as possible, but I decided to for a few reasons: I rarely do it, the Hitman franchise holds some nostalgia for me, and if we don’t support bigger titles like this on iOS, they’ll eventually stop making them.

Download for $15

App-related news and tips from this week

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How to let passengers play and control music in your car using SharePlay

2023 December 1
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Learn how to let your passengers control music playback in your car by letting them join via SharePlay, even if they do not have an Apple Music subscription.

Starting with iOS 17, people in your car can control music playback on your CarPlay stereo. All you need to do is start SharePlay and approve your fellow rider’s request to join it.

Things needed

To host a SharePlay session, you (the person whose iPhone is connected to CarPlay or car’s Bluetooth) need:

  • An iPhone with iOS 17
  • An active Apple Music subscription

To join a SharePlay session, the passenger:

  • Must have an iPhone running iOS 17 with Bluetooth turned on
  • Does not need an Apple Music subscription

Note: In this tutorial, the word “your” refers to the person whose iPhone is being used for CarPlay or is connected to the car’s Bluetooth.

Start an Apple Music SharePlay session in the car and let other passengers join it

1) Connect your iPhone to wired or wireless CarPlay. It also works if you connect your iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth!

2) Play music on your iPhone from the Apple Music app or open the Music app from the CarPlay screen and play a song there.

3) Tap the SharePlay icon from the top of the CarPlay Now Playing screen. You can also tap the SharePlay icon that’s at the bottom of your iPhone’s Music app’s Now Playing screen.

4) Next, fellow passengers can join your SharePlay session in the car in two ways: via notification or by scanning the QR code. We’ve explained both below.

Method 1: Join via notification

1) After you follow the above steps, you will notice that Discoverable by Nearby Contacts is already switched on. As a result, your contacts that are in your car should receive a notification on their iPhone asking them if they’d like to join the SharePlay session with you. Here’s how that notification looks on my wife’s iPhone:

2) Ask the passenger to tap that notification and hit Connect. Optionally, before connecting, they can also tap Edit and change their display name, choose a photo, or remove the photo.

3) After the passenger taps Connect, you will receive an alert on your iPhone and the car’s screen. Tap that notification on your phone or car screen, and then hit the green tick icon to approve the SharePlay session.

Your passenger is ready to play and control the music in this car.

Method 2: Join by scanning the QR code

If the notification does not appear on your passenger’s iPhone, there is nothing to worry about, as you can follow these steps.

1) After tapping the SharePlay icon on the car or your iPhone’s Now Playing screen, a QR code will appear. Open the Camera app on the passenger’s iPhone, ask them to scan this QR code, and tap the yellow Music option, followed by Connect.

2) Approve their SharePlay joining request by tapping this notification on your car or iPhone’s screen and then hitting the green check button.

Ask the first participant to add more people

The passenger who is already connected can tap the SharePlay icon on the Now Playing screen of their Music app, and the other people can scan this QR code using the Camera on their iPhone and follow the steps mentioned above.

You can then approve the request when it appears on the car’s or your iPhone’s screen. It’s the same as what’s explained above.

What a passenger can do during SharePlay

After joining the SharePlay session, the person can control what’s playing in Apple Music in the car from their device.

1) The passenger opens the Music app on their iPhone and goes to the Now Playing screen.

2) From here, they can use all the regular music playback controls like play, pause, next song, previous song, access the Up Next list of songs, and more.

Extra info: The passenger can see the Up Next list but cannot go through your Music library and play songs from there. So, if you set a song to repeat on your iPhone, the Up Next list on your and the passenger’s phone will be empty. In this case, they cannot play other songs. However, they can tap the three dots icon > Go to Album and then play songs from that album or by that artist and such.

How to know who’s controlling the music

The name of the person who has played the song appears on the top of the song name on the car’s screen as well as your iPhone’s screen. So, you and the people in the car who have joined this SharePlay session can know which person’s choice of song is playing currently. It’s a small but thoughtful thing by Apple.

End SharePlay session or remove a person

1) Tap the SharePlay icon on your car or iPhone’s Now Playing screen.

2) Tap X next to a person’s name to remove them from SharePlay.

3) Tap End to end the SharePlay session.

Leave the SharePlay session in the car on your own

If a passenger no longer wants to participate, they can tap the SharePlay icon on the Now Playing screen of their iPhone and then tap Leave.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/01/2023

2023 December 1
by RSS Feed

Printer App – Smart Printer , Kindergarten Preschool Games , 7 Minute TV Workout and more


Printer App – Smart Printer ( $3.99 → Free ) Gaurav Babbar This app lets you print a huge variety of documents and media types quickly and easily. It’s great for those moments you need to print a quick email attachment, school project, or photograph. You’re able to print from a variety sources without wasting any time. The app supports multiple printers.

Kindergarten Preschool Games ( $4.99 → Free ) ART ZISHAS INC Kindergarten Preschool Games covers a huge range of educational topics to improve your little one’s memory, concentration, hand-eye coordination, logic-development, visual perception, and much more. They will have fun learning as they develop their math, letter, shape, and color skills. There are 15 different games included. The app works completely offline.

7 Minute TV Workout ( $1.99 → Free ) Roman Shevtsov This app requires just seven minutes out of your day. There is no equipment needed and you can literally do the exercises anywhere. Perform 12 exercises for 30 seconds, then pause for 10 seconds between each exercise. It includes HD video instructions and voice guidance for every workout step. You can also play music in the background.

one sec | screen time + focus ( $39.99 → Free ) GmbH One Sec allows you to set healthier boundaries with your device. The app helps you make better choices by making you aware of what you’re actually doing. Set the app to your individual wants and goals. For example, if you spend too much time on social media, whenever you try to access Instagram or Facebook you’ll be asked if this is something you really want to do. It’s a time saver and is a great way to start living in the moment.

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