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Apple, the world’s most valuable company, is first to close above $3.5 trillion market cap

2024 July 10
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Apple, the world’s most valuable company — which gave the world the templates for the modern personal computer, portable media player, online music store, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, spatial computer, and more — shattered another record on Tuesday, becoming the first company in history to close regular trading with a market cap exceeding $3.5 trillion. This achievement follows their reclamation of the “world’s most valuable company” crown on Friday, surpassing Microsoft with a closing market cap of $3.507 trillion compared to Microsoft’s $3.415 trillion.

Apple’s dominance is no stranger to valuation milestones. In August 2018, they became the first company to reach $1 trillion, followed by $2 trillion in August 2020, and finally $3 trillion in June 2023.


Mr. Market loves impeding iPhone supercycles!

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