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Peak Design upgrades mobile charging lineup with support for Qi2 standard

2024 June 11
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Qi2 is the next generation of mobile wireless charging, and it offers almost exactly the same benefits and charging speeds as Apple’s own MagSafe standard, except that it works with a wider variety of devices. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why so many companies are jumping onboard, and Peak Design appears to be the latest to do so.

While Peak Design already offered a host of wireless charging accessories before, the latest offerings now include Qi2 wireless charging by default, which means a faster 15W charging speed for the iPhone 13 and newer — a bump up from the ordinary 7.5W of older Qi wireless charging. Furthermore, it accomplishes this faster charging in a more efficient way that generates less heat.

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Among the products that Peak Design is bringing up to speed with the newer Qi2 wireless charging standard are:

Wireless Charging Desk Stand

The perfect desktop charging stand so that you can see your iPhone’s always-on display while you work on your computer or while you keep your iPhone on your desk or dresser.

Pick one up today from Peak Design’s website for $79.95.

Wireless Charging Car Dash Adhesive Mount

Adhesive dash mount by Peak Design with Qi2.

A great way to keep your iPhone wirelessly charged in the car if you don’t have viable vents to attach a vent mount-based wireless charger to.

Pick one up today from Peak Design’s website for $79.95.

Wireless Charging Vent Mount

Peak Design Qi2 vent mount.

A vent-based wireless charging mount that works double-duty as an active phone cooler (when your AC is turned on) and as a wireless charger while you’re on the go in your car.

Pick one up today from Peak Design’s website for $99.95.

Wireless Charging 1-inch Ball Mount Adapter

Peak Design 1-inch Qi2 ball adapter.

Offers wireless charging for your 1-inch ball mount rigs, which are commonly used in things like windshield mounts.

Pick one up today from Peak Design’s website for $84.95.

Wireless Charging 20mm Ball Mount Adapter

Peak Design 20mm ball mount adapter with Qi2.

Offers wireless charging for your 20mm ball mount rigs, which are commonly used in smaller vent or dashboard-based mounts.

Pick one up today from Peak Design’s website for $84.95.

When it comes to Peak Design’s wireless charging products, it’s worth noting that although they work with Peak Design’s proprietary SlimLink mount, a phone case with SlimLink isn’t required to use Peak Design’s wireless chargers. That’s because they’re intended to work with Qi2-compatible devices, whether they have SlimLink capabilities or not.

Another change that Peak Design is making with the start of its Qi2 wireless chargers is that it will no longer provide a cigarette lighter adapter since most cars are now shipping with USB and USB-C ports built right into the dashboard. These products will continue to ship with USB-C charging cables, however.

Lastly we should note that Peak Design’s remaining stock o regular Qi wireless charging accessories will continue to be sold, but at a 15% off discount while supplies last. These might be appealing options to people who have older non Qi2-enabled charging devices and want to save a buck.

I’ve long advocated for Peak Design products because I feel they’re well-engineered. I especially enjoy the brand’s travel tripod for cameras, which has become something of a staple for professional photographers looking for an easy-to-transport option.

Will you picking up any of Peak Design’s Qi2 wireless charging accessories? Tell us why or why not in the comments section down below.

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