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Why get AppleCare+ for the pricey OLED iPad Pro: Screen repairs are just $29

2024 May 14
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With the optional AppleCare+ coverage for the new iPad Air or iPad Pro, fixing a malfunctioning or physically damaged display will run you only $29 a pop.

OLED iPad Pro set against a colorful gradient background

Are you afraid of breaking your iPad Pro’s OLED screen? You should one: Apple’s limited 1-year warranty doesn’t cover user-inflicted display damage.

But with an optional AppleCare+ coverage, repairing that beautiful OLED display could run you just $29. Apple’s offered $29 iPhone screen repairs via AppleCare+ for years, and now this option has expanded to the 11 and 13-inch iPad Air and Pro.

To qualify, your iPad must have no other physical damage. As we explained before, AppleCare+ is available at the time or within 60 days of your purchase, paid upfront or as a subscription that renews monthly until canceled.

AppleCare: How much does it cost to repair the iPad Pro’s OLED screen?

Instead of paying through the nose for an out-of-warranty screen replacement costing hundreds of dollars, AppleCare+ brings affordable repair fees.
Your extended AppleCare+ coverage includes unlimited accidents of accidental damage protection, each subject to a service fee (plus applicable tax).

For screen damage on the new iPad Air and Pro, the service fee is just $29. By contrast, the AppleCare+ screen repair fee for the iPad and iPad mini is $49. Any other physical damage will incur a service fee of $99 vs. $49 for other models.

You get other perks like 24/7 priority access to Apple’s support by chat or phone, a free battery replacement if the battery drops below 80% of its original capacity, and more. AppleCare+ for iPad includes coverage for your Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, with the service fee for physical damage of accessories just $29.

Check the details on Apple’s website.

Is AppleCare+ for iPad worth the money?

AppleCare+ is not worth the money if you never use its perks. But then again, AppleCare+ is like insurance; you’re basically paying for peace of mind. Whether or not you should get AppleCare+ is up to you.
Safari on Mac displaying AppleCare+ for iPad pricesIf you broke your iPad’s display before or are afraid it might happen, AppleCare+ is definitely for you. This is especially true for folks who invested in an M4 iPad Pro + Apple Pencil Pro + Magic Keyboard combo.

Accidental damage isn’t covered by Apple’s standard warranty. With AppleCare+, however, it doesn’t matter if the screen malfunctions because of a manufacturing error or an iPad slipped out of your hand and fell facedown on concrete—you’ll only pay $29 to have the display serviced or replaced, no questions asked.

If the same thing happened without AppleCare+ and your limited 1-year coverage was up, you would pay hundreds of dollars for a quality screen replacement!

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