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VMware’s Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro virtualization software goes free

2024 May 15
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Mac owners can download and use VMware’s Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro virtualization apps to run Windows in a virtual machine for free.

As you know, the Boot Camp feature doesn’t support Windows on Apple silicon Macs. When it comes to running Microsoft’s operating system, virtualization is your only option (unless you’re still stuck with an Intel-based Mac like I am).

Virtualization software such as VMware allows you to run a foreign operating system like Windows or Linux alongside macOS (not the same as Boot Camp, which lets you boot your Mac directly into Windows). And now, you can get VMware Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro for free, saving you lots of money on expensive licenses.

VMware Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro are now free

You can download Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro without paying anything via Broadcom’s Support website at (Broadcom acquired VMware in 2023) and install it on your Mac to create a virtualized environment.

According to the VMware blog, using these apps for business (non-personal use) still requires a paid commercial subscription.

“We now provide a Free Personal Use or a Paid Commercial Use subscription for our Pro apps,” it reads. “Users will decide based on their use case whether a commercial subscription is required.”

What happened to Fusion and Workstation Player?

The free Workstation Player and Fusion Player apps are being discontinued. Existing users of these apps can upgrade to Workstation Player Pro and Fusion Player Pro at no additional charge. At the same time, Workstation Player will continue to be bundled with Workstation Pro.

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