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Battery Health menu with cycle count and other stats available on the latest iPads

2024 May 14
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A Battery Health menu brings the charge cycle count and other stats, but the feature remains restricted to Apple’s latest M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro models.

A new Battery Health menu is available in the Settings > Battery section on the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro. Here, you can see the number of complete charging cycles, arguably the most important battery health stat, and limit charging to 80%. Both features have been available on the latest iPhones, but this is the first time iPad customers can assess battery health in this way.

Is the Battery Health menu available on the iPad?

The Battery Health menu is not available on older iPads, probably because they use older battery technology. As the Dutch blog iCulture reported, only the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro provide a Battery Health menu with statistics like the maximum capacity, peak performance capability, when the battery was manufactured and first used. A message will pop up in this section if the battery needs to be serviced.

Like the iPhone 15 models, the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro also support an 80% charging limit option. It ensures the battery doesn’t charge beyond 80%, helping reduce its wear and extend usable lifespan. iCulture was able to confirm these findings because the site has review samples of the latest iPads.

Have Apple’s batteries improved?

The Battery Health menu was discovered earlier in the iPadOS 17.5 code. However, as we initially suspected, the handy feature is restricted to Apple’s latest iPads.

Has Apple switched to an updated battery technology? It certainly appears so. Why else would an 80% charging limit option and exposing cycles count in the battery menu be limited to the iPhone 15 family and the latest iPads?

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