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Adobe brings new generative AI features to Photoshop, InDesign and Firefly

2024 April 23
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Based on Adobe’s latest Firefly Image 3 model, Photoshop and InDesign just gained advanced new generative AI text-to-image capabilities.

Adobe unveiled the next generation of generative AI available in Photoshop, InDesign and the Firefly web app at its MAX conference in London. These features are now available in the latest beta versions of Photoshop, InDesign and Firefly.

Everyone can try out how text-to-image works on the Firefly web app, according to the official announcement published in the Adobe Newsroom.

Firefly was trained on over 7 billion images worldwide and can produce high-quality content safe for commercial use, unlike many other AI image generators.

Photoshop and InDesign gaining new generative AI features

Photoshop’s new text-to-image capabilities include Generate Image, Generate Similar, Generate Background, Enhance Detail and Reference Image.

The latter lets you provide a reference image to inform the Firefly model, making it easier to get the desired output without depending solely on text prompts. According to the official Photoshop blog, Reference Image “relieves the pressure of writing prompts that accurately translate your imagination.”
Generate Background swaps the background based on your prompt that matches the subject’s lighting, shadows and perspective. On desktop, you also change the background with an imported image or color fill.

Generate Similar will create many variations from which you can choose. The app will keep producing iterations based on your choice until you get the desired outcome.

Enhance Detail can create sharper “an extra level of detail” when using Generative Fill and Generative Expand. As mentioned, the Firefly Image 3 model is also available via an image-to-text prompt in InDesign.

Other Photoshop updates

Outside the AI realm, Adobe introduced other improvements like Adjustment Brush in Photoshop to quickly paint non-destructively across specific image parts by combining selecting, masking and applying adjustments into one action.
The Font Browser now lets you access 25,000+ licensed fonts in the cloud without leaving Photoshop to search, download and add the fonts you need for your project.

Lastly, Adobe shared custom adjustment presets for Photoshop for free. These presets let you change the look of an image with a click, and you can create and save your custom adjustment presets based on Photoshop’s non-destructive filters.
Applying adjustment presets in PhotoshopYou can apply these presets to a series of images to achieve a consistent look across the whole batch. You can grab these presets for free from the Adobe blog.

Adobe Express for iOS gains generative AI capabilities

Express is Adobe’s free mobile app (formerly Adobe Spark) for creating shareable social media content with a few clicks. And now, Adobe Express for iPhone and iPad supports the latest Firefly generative AI capabilities.

View Adobe Express for iOS on Apple App Store

One particular feature to try out on the Firefly web app is the Generative Expand feature, which makes it a cinch to extend the content outside image boundaries to make space for additional text or make the image fit a desired size or aspect ratio.
Uploading a reference image to Adobe's Firefly web app“We’ll attach Content Credentials to assets produced using Firefly so that people who work with or view the content can see how it was made and whether AI was involved,” Adobe explained. “This ensures we establish a transparent chain of trust from creation to dissemination online.” You can help Adobe improve the Firefly model by clicking Rate This Result on a generated image.

How to try Adobe’s latest generative AI features

To try the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 model, update your copies of the Photoshop beta and InDesign beta to the most recent versions. You can also prompt the Firefly web app at If you don’t have Photoshop or aren’t subscribed to the Creative Cloud suite, you can start a free trial on the Adobe website.

Adobe previously enriched its other apps with AI-powered features, including Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024. In those apps, AI can remove JPEG artifacts from heavily compressed images and create video highlight reels from a series of photos and videos.

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