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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 03/30/2024

2024 March 30
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GamingVPN – VPN , Project V90 , Heroine Anthem Zero and more


Project V90 ( $0.99 → Free ) VG90 STUDIO Project V90 has everything a 2D action platform game should. Get ready for lots of action including sword fights, spider rides, and space shooting. The graphics are fun and the sound effects and music will bring you back in time, in a good way.

Green Noise Zentones ( $29.99 → Free ) Wonkru In a fast-paced world it can be hard to find peace. Green Noise brings a blend of nature’s tranquility and soothing ambient sounds right to your device. Whether you want to kick back after a long day or fall asleep quicker, this app has you covered. Choose from a variety of sounds like green noise, white noise, brown noise, pink noise, or soothing music.

GamingVPN – VPN ( $99.99 → Free ) Robot Mouse, LLC GamingVPN is a fast VPN server network that lets you enjoy the content and apps you love while keeping your IP address and location private. With fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth you’ll be able to browse and game as you please.

Heroine Anthem Zero ( $3.99 → Free ) Winking Skywalker Entertainment Limited In Heroine Anthem Zero you’ll depart on an adventure of great proportions. The app includes an amazing soundtrack and intricate illustrations. Collect weapons as you make your way through the game. Each weapon is equipped with its own unique skill. Subtitles are available in English, German, French, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

kipkam ( $1.99 → Free ) EUIHYUNG JUNG Kipkam provides a deep breathing exercise that will soothe your spirit in only one minute. During each session a grid of small icons fills the screen. The icons will indicate when you should inhale, hold, and exhale your breath. You’re able to follow along with the metronome and get lost in the background sounds, or you can disable them within settings. The app also includes customizable inhale, hold, and exhale counts.

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