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Apple says App Store asking permission before it downloads is a bug that will be fixed before iOS 17.4 is released

2024 February 23
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In Europe, downloading an app from Apple’s own App Store won’t require an extra step after authenticating with Face ID because this is actually a bug.

Update: Apple told MacRumors that the app verification screen for App Store downloads in Europe is a bug that will be fixed. Original article continues.

If you live within the European Union, downloading apps and games from the App Store will soon require your permission. That’s because Apple has changed how the App Store operates within the European Union in order to comply with the bloc’s Digital Markets Act, which aims to regulate the digital economy consistently.

It’s a smart move that will make Apple look like the good guy—alternative app marketplaces must have the same scare screen. Making the App Store behave like rival app stores might appease regulators that have Apple in their crosshairs because of self-preferencing, among other things.

App Store in Europe needs your permission to install apps

The prompt informs the user that” ‘App Store’ would like to install an app.” It’s accompanied by a Learn More link that explains how to “verify the information before installing.” There are also two buttons: Install App and Cancel.
First reported by iSoftwareUpdates on X, formerly Twitter, the extra step is present in iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4. Apple is currently testing iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 before they are released to the public sometime in March. The updates include other platform changes as part of Apple’s compliance with the Digital Markets Act.

Can you disable this prompt?

We’ll see how the system works when iOS 17.4 is released to the public sometime in March. Apple’s documentation covering changes for apps distributed in the European Union suggests that we may be able to turn off this prompt.

“Users can manage their default marketplace through a new default setting,” it reads. “App installation sheets are automatically turned off for installations from a user’s default marketplace.”

Epic Games Store is coming to iPhone and iPad

In other words, when iOS 17.4 is released to the public, people who live in the 27 countries that are part of the European Union will need to hit the Get button, authorize with Face ID and approve the permission prompt to download an app.

They’ll probably need to repeat this step every time they download an app or game whether from Apple’s App Store or a third-party marketplace.

And make no mistake, third-party marketplaces are coming to your iPhone and iPad — at least for Apple’s customers who live in Europe. For example, Fortnite has confirmed that its Epic Games Store will launch on iOS and iPadOS, bringing Fortnite and other titles to iPhone and iPad users in the European Union.

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