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The Studio Display firmware 16.4 brings support for in-field recalibration

2023 March 29
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Studio Display firmware update 16.4 enables support for in-field recalibration using Apple’s Pro Display Calibrator tool and an in-house radiospectrometer.

  • What’s happening? Apple has released new firmware for its 27-inch Studio Display, bringing custom calibration to the $1599 external monitor.
  • Why care? Pro customers can now use an in-house spectroradiometer to recalibrate their Studio Display for specific color workflows.
  • What to do? With the Studio Display connected to your Mac, run Software Update to download and install the new firmware.

Studio Display Firmware 16.4 brings custom calibration

According to Apple’s support document listing the changes in Studio Display software, the Studio Display Firmware Update 16.4 includes minor stability improvements and the aforementioned custom calibration feature.

  • Adds support for in-field recalibration of the display using Pro Display Calibrator. Enables specific color workflows that may require custom calibration by an in-house spectroradiometer.
  • Minor stability improvements

You can update the Studio Display firmware in System Settings → General → Software Update (macOS Ventura 13.3 or later is required. To see the macOS version you’re currently running, click the About This Mac in the Apple menu. The version number is displayed next to macOS in the About This Mac window.

Custom calibration is a must for creative pros

Calibration is going to be an excellent feature for creative pros who can now customize their Studio Display for specific workflows, like graphic design or video editing, using their own equipment and Apple’s tool called Pro Display Calibrator.

For those interested, Apple provides the following support document to measure and customize the Studio Display and Pro Display XDR calibration.

How to install the Studio Display firmware 16.4

As mentioned, click the System Settings option in the Apple menu, then choose General → Software Update to download the latest Studio Display firmware.

The monitor must be connected to your Mac (which must be running at least macOS Monterey 12.3) to download the update. Be sure not to unplug the monitor as it’s being updated, or you may end up with a bricked Studio Display.

You might see an ellipsis icon while the display is updating itself or a message asking you not to unplug the device. If you see a blank screen, that’s OK, too.

To check the version number of the currently installed firmware, press and hold the Option key while clicking System Information from the Apple menu, then choose Graphics/Displays in the lefthand section.

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