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Twitter’s new “Sign in with Apple” option doesn’t work with existing accounts

2021 August 3
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Twitter now lets you sign in with your Apple ID account as the company rolls out support for a new authentication method, including the “Sign in with Apple” feature.


  • Twitter now supports the “Sign in with Apple” feature
  • It’s a more private way to sign in to Twitter
  • You can sign in without revealing your email address

Twitter rolls out support for “Sign in with Apple”

According to an announcement on Twitter, the feature is available in the most recent update to Twitter’s official app for iPhone and iPad, and it’s labeled “Continue with Apple.” Furthermore, the company will soon add this as a login option on its web interface at

Twitter has not implemented the full range of “Sign in with Apple” features. For instance, you cannot update your existing Twitter account to use “Sign in with Apple” instead of your email address and password. In other words, it’s limited to new account creation.

Upon clicking the new “Continue with Apple” option in Twitter for iOS, you’re prompted to create a new account with the service which will be tied to your Apple ID. You can then use your Apple ID with Face ID/Touch ID authentication to securely sign in to Twitter.

Twitter also implemented support for the Google Sign-In option.

According to the official App Store guidelines on Apple’s website, apps that offer third-party logins like Google or Facebook must also offer the “Sign in with Apple” option.

A more private way to sign in

The feature brings a streamlined, frictionless account creation process in apps and websites that support it using the Apple ID that you already have. “Sign in with Apple” also protects your privacy.

How to use and manage the “Sign in with Apple” feature

With the Hide My Email option, you can sign in to apps using Apple’s private email relay service without providing your real email address. Apple automatically creates a unique email address and sets up automatic forwarding to your personal email. In case an app starts spamming your email address with promotional messages, you can simply change it without ever sharing your personal email address.

“Sign in with Apple” was introduced alongside iOS 13 and other Apple OS updates at WWDC19.

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