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How to share a song in GarageBand on Mac and iOS

2019 October 9
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Whether you’ve completed music mastery or are seeking some help with your song, you can share a tune that you create in GarageBand easily and in a variety of ways.

Want to share it to your iTunes library and listen to it daily? Want to send it to your friend for their input? Want to export it to a disk for a physical copy? We’re here to help; here’s how to share a song in GarageBand on both Mac and iOS.

You have a few different avenues for sharing your GarageBand song if you use the app on your Mac. So, open GarageBand to your tune and do one of the following.

Share to iTunes

1) Click Share > Song to iTunes from the menu bar.

2) Complete the details for your song including title, artist, composer, album, iTunes playlist, and quality.

3) Click Share.

GarageBand Share to iTunes Mac

After a few seconds, you’ll see iTunes pop open right to your song.

Share to the Media Browser

Click Share > Song to Media Browser from the menu bar. You’ll see the process as the song is sent to your Media Browser for use in other GarageBand creations on your Mac.

Share to SoundCloud

1) Click Share > Song to SoundCloud from the menu bar.

2) Log into your SoundCloud account if prompted.

3) Select Bounce at the top to share the current song. Complete the remaining details for your song including title, artist, composer, album, quality, visibility, and permissions.

4) Click Share.

GarageBand Share to SoundCloud Mac

Send via email or AirDrop

1) Click Share > AirDrop… or Share > Mail… from the menu bar.

2) For either option, you’ll receive the same pop-up window. Select Song at the top and then optionally adjust the title and quality. Click Share.

GarageBand Share to AirDrop Mac

3) For AirDrop, you’ll see the AirDrop window open for you to choose a recipient. For Mail, a new email window will open with your song in the body.

4) Finish the process for AirDrop or Mail and your song is shared.

Export to a disk

1) Click Share > Export to Disk from the menu bar.

2) Adjust the name, tags, and location for your song.

3) Select the file type from AAC, MP3, AIFF, or WAVE and optionally choose a file quality.

4) Click Export.

GarageBand Export to Disk Mac

Share a song in GarageBand on iPhone or iPad

Open GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad and then follow these steps to share your song.

1) On the main GarageBand screen (Your Songs) tap and hold the song you want and select Share.

2) Choose Song.

3) Select the audio quality, adjust details if necessary, for artist, composer, and album, and optionally choose a cover image. Tap Share.

GarageBand Share Song iPad

4) Pick from your sharing options like Messages, AirDrop, Mail, SoundCloud, or iTunes, and then follow the prompts to complete the sharing.

GarageBand Share Options iPad

Wrapping it up

If you want to share your GarageBand song, it’s easy to do on any of your devices and you have a variety of sharing options.

Are you going to share your musical creation with a friend or family member? Or maybe you want it in your iTunes or SoundCloud library for yourself? Let us know!

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