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Casetify offers Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals on all its tech accessories

2023 November 20
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Casetify’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion runs until the end of the year, bringing discounted phone cases, watch bands, cables and other tech accessories.

If you haven’t grabbed one of Casetify’s iPhone 15 cases and Apple Watch bands, now could be the perfect time to accessorize while saving money.

The company says its Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion isn’t limited to those days. Instead, it runs through December 30, 2023, and here are the deals.

Casetify’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

Purchase any Casetify product from Amazon during the promotional period, and you’ll get 15 percent off. With two purchases, your discount climbs to 25 percent off. If you buy three products, you’ll be treated to a 30 percent discount.

Browse Casetify’s store on Amazon

These deals are applied to all Casetify’s products purchased from November 16, 2023, to December 30, 2023.

Recommended Casetify products

Casetify offers a range of smartphone cases made from eco-friendly materials that come with exciting designs, and you can upload your own.

iPhone cases

Casetify's Disney-themed iPhone cases

The company also collaborates with premium brands such as Rick & Morty, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Disney. Their Rick and Morty collaboration includes a Pickle Rick MagSafe set consisting of a phone case, a power bank and a wallet.

I also like their Disney collection, which celebrates villains featured in Disney’s animated movies. It includes a 3D AirPods case that glows in the dark and resembles the Evil Queen’s poison apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Impact Ring Stand Case

Casetify's Impact Ring Stand Case for the iPhone 15

I especially like their Impact Ring Stand Case, which provides 6.6 feet of drop protection. The most exciting thing about it is a camera ring out the back that can be lifted to prop up your iPhone like a kickstand. You can adjust the angle to 150 degrees when watching movies, and the case is fully customizable.

The Mirror Case

The Mirror Case provides 4.9 feet of drop protection and comes in regular and MagSafe versions. But what if you already have a case for your iPhone? In that case, you might be interested in specialized straps and lanyards with 360-degree rotatable snap hook made with hypoallergenic and waterproof materials.

Apple Watch bands and cases

Casetify's Impact Band for Apple Watch

Casetify also offers accessories for the Apple Watch. We recommend the Apple Watch Impact Case, Impact Band and Bounce Band as they’re high quality, not the cheap stuff you often find online. These bands are water and sweat-resistant, too.

Cables and more

And those planning on getting an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro anytime soon will need a USB-C cable for charging. Apple will happily sell you its own cables, but they’re not known for durability. Casetfiy’s PowerThru USB-C cable is braided so it won’t break easily, and features a rounded cable head design to prevent cracking.

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