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Amazon launches a redesigned Prime Video app for the Apple TV

2022 August 11
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Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV is now avaialble with a refreshed interface, making the software look and behave more like other streaming services.

  • What’s happening? Amazon has released a new version of its Prime Video streaming app for the Apple TV. The software not only looks much better but is also more functional and much easier to navigate.
  • Why care? Prime Video is one of the worst-designed streaming apps on the planet, especially so on the Apple TV. The whole thing is basically one giant webpage filled with video thumbnails that you’re forced to navigate through. The new interface puts navigation and other controls in a sidebar, like HBO MAX.
  • What to do? If you don’t have the new interface yet, open the App Store on your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K and use the search function to jump to a page for the Prime Video app, then click the “Update” button.

Amazon’s Prime Video app for tvOS receives a facelift

The navigation bar is on the lefthand side, providing quick access to the search feature, the Home section, a built-in store (for Prime channels, rentals, purchases, deals and so on), live TV, as well as the Free and My Stuff sections. Your favorite movies and TV shows can be found under the Home section.

This is also where you’ll find channels you’ve subscribed to, like Paramount+ and AMC+. A list of the top 10 movies and shows gives you a good idea of what’s trending on the service. A Continue Watching row is prominently displayed in the Home section so you can quickly pick up your Apple TV right where you left off in the Prime Video app on your iPhone or iPad.

Introducing portrait carousels

Eighteen months in the making, this updated interface with bigger visuals is meant to feel less cluttered. There are now two types of carousels. The old one with the same landscape artwork as before and a new, portrait carousel which features poster artwork that opens into a video preview when hovering over a selection.

Prime Video has live TV???

The Live TV section combines linear programming from subscribed channels like AMC+, live sporting events and free, ad-supported content (I wasn’t even aware Prime Video had live TV). The refreshed app doesn’t bring anything new in terms of content and popular features like multiple user profiles, Alexa integration and X-Ray are still present. Read: How to see all YouTube comments you’ve ever made

The Verge has highlighted some of the annoyances from the past:

Prime Video still presents TV seasons in odd ways (episode 0: trailer, anyone?) and can sometimes separate 4K and HD versions of the same movie. Some of these head-scratching organization choices are due to the fact that Amazon still sells a lot of this content, whereas competitors only have to worry about letting you stream it.

The redesign is rolling out on the tvOS platform first, with other devices to follow later. The redesign will hit Prime Video for iOS and the web “in the coming months.”

You can download the Prime Video app in the Apple TV app store for free [App Store link]. The redesigned software supports the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD but won’t be unavailable on the third-generation Apple TV from 2012.

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