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Apple could release a cheaper Apple TV in the fall, but that’s all we know about it

2022 May 13
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The current $179/$199 Apple TV 4K is too pricey for what it does, but a cheaper model could launch in the fall to better compete with other streaming boxes.

  • Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is calling for a more affordable Apple TV model in the fall, but he wouldn’t predict any potential improvements for the product—let alone how much cheaper it might be than the current model.
  • The Apple TV is a premium-priced streaming box, with the 32GB/64GB Apple TV 4K priced at $179/$199. The older Apple TV HD offers even less value for your money, costing $149 with 32GB of storage.
  • Creating a more affordable streaming box for the lineup would help the company close the gap with its competitors, the analyst reasons.

A more affordable Apple TV may be in the works

“Apple will launch a new version of Apple TV that improves cost structure in the second half of 2022,” according to Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter.

An Apple TV that “improves cost structure” is clearly a euphemism for a more affordable model (so why doesn’t Kuo just say it?). Anyways, the analyst went on to speculate that “Apple’s aggressive strategy of integrating hardware, content and service amid the recession will help close the gap with its competitors.” It’s plainly obvious from the tweet that Kuo is not just throwing mud at the wall. He clearly expects Apple to double down on the Apple TV and its lackluster sales versus rival streaming boxes and sticks from the likes of Amazon and Google.

But will Apple deliver?

But will his prediction come true? This isn’t an easy one to answer though there’s no denying the fact that the Apple TV is priced significantly higher than others. The 32-gigabyte version of the current Apple TV 4K model, for example, will set you back $149. That’s already much more than you’d pay for Amazon’s Fire TV streaming stick that does 4K, has Wi-Fi 6, comes bundled with Alexa voice remote control and costs just $50. Streaming sticks from Google, dubbed Chromecast, start at $30 for the basic Chromecast model. As for the current Chromecast with Google TV, it’s priced at $50. Roku, too, offers a $50 streaming stick of its own, and so on.

But if you want double the storage on your Apple TV 4K, the price shoots up to a hard-to-stomach $200. And don’t get us started on the Apple TV HD, which should be put out of its misery. Realistically, who in their right mind would agree to pay $149 for a media streamer with outdated hardware that doesn’t do 4K? That’s the Apple TV HD you’re never going to buy, OK?

How about an Apple smart soundbar?

Something resembling an HDMI stick with a small footprint and great price could click with many people who deem the current Apple TV models too dang pricey for what these devices do. Apple could also be working on a new type of living room device that could combine HomePod and Apple TV functionality in a device resembling a smart soundbar, according to Bloomberg.

Do you use Apple TV? And if so, what do you typically use it for? To play games? Watch your favorite TV shows and movies? AirPlay content from your other devices? Let us know in the comments! Read: How to mirror your iPhone on a smart TV

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