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New AirPods Pro firmware adding ambient noise reduction and spatial audio for FaceTime calls

2021 July 21
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Apple is now testing upcoming AirPods Pro firmware that will bring software support for some of iOS 15’s audio features like ambient noise reduction and spatial audio for FaceTime calls.


  • Apple is testing new AirPods Pro firmware with developers
  • It will add support for some of iOS 15’s new features to the earbuds
  • New features include support for iOS 15’s ambient noise reduction
  • It will also bring spatial audio support for FaceTime calls

AirPods Pro firmware: Ambient noise reduction, FaceTime spatial audio

The first beta of what would become the new AirPods Pro software update is now available to download and install on your earbuds provided you’re a registered Apple developer.

How to listen with spatial audio on AirPods Pro

After launching publicly this fall, the new AirPods Pro software will add support for iOS 15’s audio enhancements like ambient noise reduction and spatial audio for FaceTime calls. Other related iOS 15 features, like Conversation Boost, are currently unsupported in the first beta.

AirPods Pro must be fully charged before installing the firmware beta.

How to install AirPods Pro firmware betas

Speaking of which, installing AirPods Pro firmware is a fairly complex process that requires you to use the Xcode 13 beta on your Mac, sign up for Apple’s Developer Program and have an Apple Developer account required to download prerelease software.

You also need an iPhone running the iOS 15 beta.

You’ll need to install a configuration profile (iOSAirPodsProSeed.mobileconfig) found on the Apple Developer website to your iPhone. Next, you’ll enable your paired earbuds to receive beta software updates through Xcode.

Here are Apple’s instructions for installing AirPods firmware betas:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  2. Launch Xcode 13 beta on your Mac.
  3. On your iPhone, go to Settings → Developer, then choose “Prerelease Beta Firmware”.
  4. Find your AirPods Pro in the list of paired devices, then tap to turn on automatic beta software updates.
  5. Read and follow the onscreen instructions for receiving beta software updates.

Apple says it can take up to 24 hours to receive and install these updates.

Should you install AirPods Pro firmware?

Keep in mind that you cannot downgrade your AirPods Pro from this beta firmware although you’ll be receiving future beta updates. This is similar to how Apple handles watchOS betas. On the other hand, when this firmware is released to the public sometime in the fall, the stable version will automatically replace the beta.

Apple explains:

When installed on your AirPods Pro, the beta software cannot be removed. Your unit will continue to run this software until an updated nonbeta version of the software is released. In the meantime, you’ll automatically receive any additional beta software updates as long as you’ve enabled your AirPods Pro to receive them.

If you ask us, you’re nevertheless wholeheartedly recommended to stay away from this particular beta unless you’re a developer seeking early access to upcoming features.

For further information, read the full instructions on the Apple Developer website.

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