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How to change the 16-inch MacBook Pro Retina display refresh rate

2019 November 19
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The 16-inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s first notebook to feature an adjustable refresh rate. This is especially handy for video editing workflows. For the first time, you can match your MacBook Pro’s display to the frame rate of the video you’re viewing or editing. Follow the steps in our tutorial to learn how to quickly change your for the built-in Retina display.

Before we get to it, a quick reminder: “refresh rate” denotes the number of times a display is redrawn each second, expressed in Hertz. Most notebook displays refresh sixty times per second, or 60 Hertz. The Retina display on the 16-inch MacBook Pro allows you to switch between several refresh rates.

Adjust your MacBook Pro’s Retina display to match the frame rate of the content being edited or viewed.

Apple advises selecting a refresh rate that divides evenly into the frame rate of content at hand. For example, if the content you’re viewing is displayed at 24 frames per second, choosing the 48-Hertz refresh rate ensures the display refreshes twice per each frame of your content.

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial embedded right ahead to learn how you can quickly adjust the refresh rate for the built-in Retina display of your 16-inch MacBook Pro.

How to change the

Do this to adjust the display refresh rate on your 16-inch MacBook Pro:

1) Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

2) Click the Displays icon in the System Preferences window.

3) Press and hold the Option key and select the Scaled button.

4) Doing so forces the Refresh Rate pop-up menu to appear. Click it and choose a refresh rate.

MacBook Pro Retina refresh rate

Be sure to change your display refresh rate back to 60 Hertz when done viewing/editing your video content.

You can set one of the following refresh rates for the built-in Retina display:

  • 60 Hertz
  • 59.94 Hertz
  • 50 Hertz
  • 48 Hertz
  • 47.95 Hertz

Keep in mind that even though a higher refresh rate results in a smoother picture and animations, it does so at the expense of resource utilization and your notebook’s battery life.

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