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Snap unveils the $380 Spectacles 3

2019 August 13
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Snap, the company behind the popular social network Snapchat, has unveiled a brand new pair of its Spectacles glasses.

This week, Snap has officially unveiled the Spectacles 3. The glasses are available to pre-order right now, but they won’t arrive until sometime this fall. If you do want the new pair of glasses, you’ll need to fork over $380 to get them.

The new design boasts a ““strong, lightweight steel frame design with circular lenses and adjustable acetate tips”, and features a pair of HD cameras which Snap says make the new Spectacles perfect for augmented reality (AR). The Spectacles 3 support depth thanks to the dual camera setup, making it much easier for a “rich 3D canvas for self-expression and a suite of new 3D Effects on Snapchat”.

Tap either button on the frame to start recording for 60 seconds. The videos are then saved within the Snapchat app. Press-and-hold either button to take a still photograph if you prefer. Folks will see a light, as well as an LED indicator, when video is being recorded or when a photo is taken.

The Spectacles 3 are available to pre-order beginning today directly from Snap’s website for $380, in either Mineral or Carbon colors. Snap does say that this is a limited production, though, so if you do want the Spectacles 3 you might want to pre-order.

Think you’ll be picking up the Spectacles 3? Did you won any of the previous versions of Snap’s camera-equipped glasses?

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