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The Scriba Stylus feels good and even works with iPhone

2018 May 16
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The Apple Pencil isn’t the only game in town. There’s also the , a digital tool with a unique, comfortable design that’s a little bit less expensive than what Apple charges for its device.

Say hello to the

The Scriba is a Bluetooth-enabled stylus that offers so-called “squeeze motion” technology and haptic feedback. Weighing in at just 16 grams, the stylus provides 200 hours of enjoyment between charges. Yes, 200 hours. It ships with a Micro-USB charging cable and three extra replacement silicone tips.

According to David Craig, Scriba’s founder, his team went through 136 different prototypes before coming up with the design you see here. Judging from my vantage point, the wait was worth it.

Scriba is the most comfortable stylus I ever used thanks to its ergonomic layout that’s designed to fit perfectly around the shape and movement of your hand. Perhaps more importantly, Scriba is the first stylus I actually want to use on a daily basis.

The reasons for this are three-fold.

First, is the device’s undeniable flexibility. The has been designed to respond to squeezing and pinching. In doing so, it gives you better control to what you are drawing which makes for a more personal experience.

There’s also the versatility that comes with the growing library of Scriba apps. These include native apps such as Scriba Photo, Scriba Slides, and Brushes for Scriba plus third-party apps including Zen Brush 2 and Assembly.

Finally, there’s the price. At €65.00 (about $88), the Scriba costs slightly less than the Apple Pencil. That’s not a huge difference, but one nonetheless.

What I like about the

No doubt, Scriba’s design is what makes it a must-have in my book. Other reasons include:

  • Made of medical grade nylons and aircraft aluminum, the Scriba is durable and lightweight
  • One charge is good for 200 hours of use
  • Lots of apps
  • Support for iPad and iPhone with compatibility for Android and Microsoft Surface platforms coming

What I don’t like

While there’s much to love about Scriba, there are two areas where there’s room for improvement.

  • The Bluetooth-enabled squeeze-motion technology and haptic feedback are excellent (amazing, really). Nonetheless, they only work with a few apps. The number of compatible apps needs to continue to rise, or Scriba risks become little more than a niche product
  • I’m also not crazy about the silicone tips. I went through three tips over the course of the month. Perhaps the Scriba team should rethink the tip in a future release.

Should Apple be worried?

There’s no denying creative types who own an iPad are likely to select an Apple Pencil and will for some time. Nonetheless, Scriba serves as a great alternative and worth considering. It’s durable, comfortable, and costs a bit less than Apple Pencil.

You can purchase a through the official website.

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