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Things 3.3 update brings Mail to Things feature

2017 December 13
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German developer Cultured Code yesterday announced a new Mail to Things feature in its powerful to-do app for iPhone and iPad, called Things.

Mail to Things opens your Things inbox up to all sorts of previously impossible workflows.

This is a powerful new way to create to-dos in Things from other apps, services and platforms. You just send an email to Things Cloud and it instantly appears as a to-do in the Things app. To try it out, open Things Cloud’s settings and enable the Mail to Things feature, then send an email to your new address.

The email’s subject becomes your to-do’s title and the rest goes into the notes.

Thanks to the ubiquity of email, there are literally hundreds of ways to use this feature.

Typical examples range from sending to-dos to Things from other platforms (like your PC at work), forwarding an email to Things from your iPhone (the app will link back to the email so you can find it again later) or giving your address to a trusted partner or colleague so they can delegate to-dos to you.

Things has other features that help users bring all their to-dos into one place—Quick Entry, Siri, 3D Touch and the Add to Things extension—but Mail to Things brings that functionality outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Culture Code’s support document provides additional examples of what’s possible with the feature.

Don’t forget that Things integrates with popular online services, like Workflow, IFTTT and Zapier, making it simple to build powerful workflows which create to-dos for you automatically.

This update is available free to existing users of the app.

Things 3 is a $9.9 download from App Store.

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